Wednesday, 1 January 2014

"No Quilting Regrets"

“No Quilting Regrets” is my buzz phrase for 2014.

So with this resolution promise of lots of beautiful quilts, projects and fabrics in store, I hope you will pop by and share this creative journey with me.

High on my list of quilting resolutions promises for 2014 are some of the gorgeous projects featured in my  favourite quilting  magazine of 2013.  Fat Quarterly is an e-zine with a fun approach to tutoring quilting skills and a delightful use of trendy fabrics that had me just itching to sew some strips together and create something, anything.  
Their lovely book - Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop for Quilters features 60 lovely modern blocks and of course some stunning quilts.  My resolution aim is to play with a one block a week (secretly I'm aiming for two).  My chosen fabric for the first sets of blocks is Jenean Morrison's  Powerpop collection – which I just love – and a selection of grey fabrics from Westminster Fabrics' stylish designers for co-ordinates.

Here is my first block (I am not doing them strictly in order of the book) - "Windowpane" by Brioni Greenberg. I love the symbolism of the window in the anticipation of what's in store for the new year. Plus I wanted to fussy cut some of the delightful little motifs in Jenean's Cornflower design.
Sometimes working with individual motifs can be very problematic, but I must say that the high quality of the printing of these little quilting collections made piecing the block an absolute pleasure. The motifs I chose to fussy cut for this block were all exactly 2" squares, making the construction a cinch. The block with seam allowance finishes off at 12.5" - just perfect to stitch together in a quilt project down the line.

I just love the way the quilting motifs frame the flower as seen through the 'windowpane'. I am thinking of calling this quilt "Daydreams".

Here is a close up of the fussy cut motif in the centre of the right side of the windowpane. This gives you an idea of how beautifully these fabrics have been printed - hats off to Westminster Fabrics:

And they lined up so nicely:

One down - 59 to go…

§ Dorothy §

To celebrate the launch of my blog I am giving away one of Dot’s Quilts' oh so popular Designer Stash Packs - (10) x 15cms strips of designer collection fabrics, 1.5m in total.  The giveaway selection will be from Jenean’s Powerpop range. And all you have to do is become a member of Dot's Quilts Blog - click on the link on the RHS sidebar…

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